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I'm the youngest girl of six children.  My family is filled with happiness and great energy.  I am from Chicago. 



When I look around my neighborhood, I see trash, abandoned houses, empty lots, and poverty.  Coming from a neighborhood like mines, I am constantly reminded of how different my family is; and how different I want my life to be.  I know that in order to get that life, it's going to take hard work and bravery.  I'm interested in art, modeling, animals and photography.  I had the chance to have my very own art exhibition at Guns and Brushes Studio in April 2008.  I actually sold 3 paintings!  I want to go to new places, and see new things.  I want to make my mark on the world.


I'm interested in the student ambassadors program, because it takes me on an adventure.  It gives me a chance to see life through other people's eyes in new places.  I want to be that person that represents her country.  I want to be a person that shares the Student Ambassadors proud and patriotic history.  My itinerary includes studying Celtic cultures; which is something that I'm really interested in.  By helping me raise money for student ambassadors; in return, you will receive a photo journal of my trip. I'm also hoping to return as a well known, educated young lady.  I give you my word that I will use what I learn on this trip to achieve greatness and become a good citizen in our world.

The community I live in doesn't offer much; but I already have some of the materials I need to get started, as well as, a few hundred dollars - but I still need your help to raise the rest.  My parents plan is to get me out of the community and hope that I make something of myself.  My plan is to help because I hope that I can be an inspiration to kids my age and show them that having a goal and a plan is half the battle of having a great life.

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My Past Work/Experiences

Fun with Sarah, my "Big Sister" from the Chicago Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program


Nomination for Audubon Elementary Pulitzer Prize Award


My Art Exhibition - April 2008